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Mary Brooks

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About Mary E. Brooks

Mary E. Brooks is a nurse anesthetist, and provides general anesthesia services to our patients as needed. She began working with Dr. Todd’s practice in 1999. She has enjoyed working with Dr. Todd and his staff to provide a pleasant and safe general anesthesia experience for his patients. She is a careful and caring practitioner.

A registered nurse since 1976, Mary began her nursing career upon graduating from Jamestown Community College with an associate degree in nursing and completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1992. After working ICU, surgery, and teaching practical nursing locally, Mary returned to school to receive her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of Buffalo in 1998.

A board certified nurse anesthetist, she has enjoyed practicing anesthesia in several local settings, WCA, Olean General Hospital, Brooks Memorial Hospital, and Westfield Memorial Hospital. She is licensed in New York State.

Presently, Mary provides anesthesia at Western New York Urology and Dr. Todd’s office. She is married with four grown children and seven grandchildren.


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