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AlloGraft Ring

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The Straumann® AlloGraft Ring is an innovative bone grafting solution for patients with certain bone defects. The AlloGraft Ring is a single-stage bone grafting and dental implant placement procedure. AlloGrafts utilize donor bone and reduces overall treatment times during bone grafting.

The Straumann® AlloGraft Ring is a specially made ring of processed allogenic bone from a donor. This ring of bone is carefully placed into the jaw followed by the dental implant to allow for a single-stage procedure. Your AlloGraft ring is inserted and begins integrating with your bone. Unlike past methods, there is no need for a second procedure, as your bone graft and dental implant are placed together with the AlloGraft Ring.


The Straumann® AlloGraft Ring reduces overall procedure time when compared to conventional bone grafting procedures. Additionally, patients experience less healing time overall, since the AlloGraft Ring combines your bone grafting and dental implant together into one procedure. There is no need to harvest autologous bone with an AlloGraft ring. AlloGraft bone grafting can also reduce patient discomfort.

  • Combination bone graft & implant placement (reduces number of procedures)
  • Ideal for patients with bone defects
  • Reduces overall treatment time by months
  • Less recovery time
  • Less patient discomfort
  • No need to harvest bone in preparation for your bone graft


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