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Dr. Todd has a special interest in anesthesia. Dr. Todd has served on the AAOMS Committee on Anesthesia and served as its chairman. Dr. Todd has helped developing an anesthesia simulation program through his committee responsibilities to help make office anesthesia an even more safe and comfortable experience for patients and providers.

Several choices of anesthesia are available to eliminate apprehension and to provide greater patient comfort. Our office aims to create the best patient experience possible and has years of expertise, experience, and professional service. Apprehension regarding oral surgery procedures is normal, and we offer several choices of techniques to eliminate apprehension and to provide great patient comfort. Our office allows us to create the best, most comfortable patient experience possible.

Different procedures require different types of anesthesia, and so, we provide local anesthesia, oral sedation, N20 (nitrous oxide), intravenous sedation (state of deep relaxation), and general anesthesia (sleep). Our office provides a consultation to help each patient choose what is right for them.

Oral premedication:

  • After a consultation, some patients choose a pill to relax them for the upcoming procedure.

IV sedation:

  • This is a state of relaxation through medications in an intravenous line. IV sedation is a technique that can range from a light state of relaxation to a deep state of relaxation.

General anesthesia:

  • In this state, the patient is asleep. Patients must have a favorable airway and be relatively healthy to undergo this procedure in the office environment. After an assessment, we can advise you if this anesthesia service is right for you.

Our staff is well-trained and experienced in providing care for our patients. We have four assistants with anesthesia training and two registered nurses.


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