Oral Surgery beyond Wisdom Teeth and Implants

The healthcare of patients and the treatments they receive from oral surgeons go beyond dental implants and evaluating and extracting wisdom teeth. Having a medical degree and a dental degree allows an oral surgeon more insight into the connection between systemic...

The Danger of Partially Erupted Teeth

Waiting for the inevitable when dealing with partially erupted teeth can sometimes mean waiting too long. Partially erupted teeth can be a threat to adjacent teeth, present a risk for development of periodontal disease and contribute to the risk for other diseases....

No Smoking, Please

As part of an initial consultation, we make patients aware that elements of their medical history may reduce the predictability of a surgical oral surgery procedure and affect how a wound heals. The post-surgery consequences are sometimes unavoidable and must be...

“Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?”

Dental implant surgery has been hailed as one of the major breakthroughs in dentistry of the last 50 years. For good reason. Implants have proven to successfully replace single missing teeth and missing bridges. They stabilize dentures and will replace an entire arch...



Have a question? Ask us!

Have a question? Ask us!

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