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Gum Repair

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Lakewood

Tissue Grafting & Gum Repair

Soft Tissue Grafting

Several different types of “gum repair” are required for patients. In some patients, the tissue that lines the cheek and lip extends to areas where teeth, dentures or implants are located. When this occurs, true gum tissue needs to be placed at this site.

Connective Tissue Graft and Free Gingival Graft

A connective tissue graft (CT graft) is a soft tissue graft taken below the surface of the palate (roof of mouth). It provides more robust tissue for implants, teeth and denture-bearing areas.

A free gingival graft allows for gum tissue to be placed for prevention or repair of recession on teeth and implants to allow for hygiene.

Root Coverage

When gum recession occurs along a root several problems can occur. The root can be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, be unattractive in appearance and susceptible to decay. Root coverage procedures are used to provide coverage and reattachment of the gum to the root. The extent of root coverage is dependent on a number of clinical factors which will be discussed with you.


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