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Tooth Extractions

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Lakewood

We Provide Simple & Surgical Extractions

Simple Extractions

The extraction (removal) of a tooth may be needed for a variety reasons. Most often a patient will need a tooth removed because they have decay which cannot be repaired or the tooth is broken beyond repair. Sometimes, extractions are necessary prior to orthodontia because room needs to be made for other teeth due to crowding.

Surgical Extractions

The surgical extraction (removal) of a tooth may be needed for many reasons, one of which is the presence of an impacted tooth. An impacted tooth, most often a wisdom tooth, is a tooth that is unable to erupt naturally and remains below the plane of the bite and is often trapped in the bone and gums. Another reason a tooth may require surgical extraction is due to decay or a fracture of the grasping area. To gain access to the tooth that needs to be removed, it is often necessary to make an incision in the tissue or section the tooth into pieces to remove the tooth without difficulty. Often, stitches are necessary to promote quicker healing at the extraction site.


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