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Skills and Experience

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Lakewood


Dr. Todd has placed thousands of implants in his career. He is the most experienced implant surgeon within an hour of Jamestown

His procedures include:

  • indirect and direct sinus augmentation
  • free gingival grafts
  • connective tissue grafts
  • dermis grafts
  • guided bone regeneration
  • socket regeneration
  • AlloGraft Ring technique

Fixed Hybrids

Dr. Todd has experience with fixed hybrid restorations utilizing a total digital workflow.

Technological Pioneer

Dr. Todd utilizes a CBCT and Intra-oral scanner allowing complete digital workflow for convenience, accuracy, and comfort for both the restorative dentist and their patients

Time Savings

Dr. Todd routinely places immediate implants in both the esthetic zone and molar region with the possibility of immediate temporization and has done so successfully for over 15 years.


Dr. Todd only places Straumann Dental Implants, the largest and most researched implant company in the US and the World.

Patient Centric

Dr. Todd provides office-based anesthesia for fearful patients and can deliver both IV sedation and general anesthesia for appropriate patients in the office setting.

Extensive Training

Dr. Todd is a trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon and has over 1500 hours of continuing education after completion of training.  Dr. Todd has served as a board examiner for ABOMS and has received the Presidential Achievement Award from AAOMS, an award given to only one individual annually.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Lakewood

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